Welcome to Dex’s Heroes

Dex’s Heroes was conceived on the 18th June 2020 one day after Dexter’s seventh birthday and three years after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

On average everyday in the UK four children under fifteen are diagnosed with cancer

 So today four new parents are going through the same nightmare Dexter’s parents did three years ago.

On that day three years ago Dexter’s mum realised that she had to pull out all the stops in 6 major areas to help him cope with his treatment. The better she could do this the better chance Dexter would have of recovery, and it worked.

Dex’s Heroes was created after Dexter received a poster of himself as a SuperHero for his 7th birthday. Using a colourful ‘Dragon Drop’ on a laptop or tablet a child can create their own SuperHero poster in a few minutes. The poster will be unique to the child with a variety of designs and colours and including SuperPower icons for each of Josie’s 6 areas.

A powerful psychological tool is produced in a fun way. The poster introduces the child to the 6 SuperPowers that they are going to need. Within minutes on the oncology ward and for free the poster will be printed on 6 credit card sized plastic cards. The child’s own unique pocket-sized pack of 6 SuperPower cards.

Parents and medical staff can when they want, use the cards and the idea of the child’s SuperPowers to help move the child into a ‘treatment friendly frame of mind’. Medical staff will already be very familiar with helping a child to be treatment friendly before inserting needles etc. Dex’s Heroes we hope will make it very much easier for them.

To enhance the effectiveness The child will be able to add their facial image to the superhero.

To add to the effectiveness illustrators from across the world have already offered their services and will professionally enhance the posters. Enlarged and framed they will be ready to hang on bedroom walls.

The 6 Areas

1. Keeping Still… while medical staff do their work. Like freezing a pose while robot dancing.

2. Equipment Friendly… being comfortable around everything from small needles to large x-ray machines.

3. Enquiring Mind… the willingness to explore new rooms instead of being scared of what’s inside.

4. Being Brave… realising they are heroes even when they lose their hair.

5. Being Happy… having fun and not being bored in between treatment or waiting for tests results.

6. Being Positive… being positive and knowing their bodies can heal is medically powerful.

An extra benefit is that the parents, who will inevitably be in a state of shock, will immediately have something to do that is positive and proactive.  Dexter’s mum in her letter to parents says that parents mustn’t crumble! They have to become the most ‘bad-ass parents’ ever. Through the Dex’s Heroes SuperPower cards the parents will get an immediate framework for what they can do to help their child in this extraordinary situation.

Dex’s Heroes is a reflection of what happens in real life. Whether outsiders, parents or part of medical teams are we not all in complete awe of the way children handle the devestating challenge of cancer and
other life threatening illnesses?

We can’t find words better than calling them ‘SuperHeroes’