Hi new friend! How to make your own SuperHero power cards!

Only 4 steps

Read these three steps then click the button below my picture.

1. Hero Name When the DragonDrop opens enter a hero name for yourself in the top panel. Such as Magnificent Mary, Devilish Danny, SuperMike, Wonder Girl Anni.

Choose a text style,  size and colour for your name. You can change these at anytime while on the DragonDrop 

2. Your Hero  In the DragonDrop choose a Hero from the panel on the left and drag it onto the white space placing it where you want it. Click the Powers button and drag each power to where you want them to be around your SuperHero.

3. Your Background On the right hand panel choose a background.  Move things around until you are happy, it might be a little tricky…  and you are done.

4. Save and Print Click the ‘Save My Hero’ button and fill in the form. Check your emails and ask a nurse to print out your cards if the hospital has a printer or we will send you your cards within 24 hours.

Contact: guybarron@outlook.com

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