The Scratchy Gang

This page is information for the illustrators of a series of Scratchy Gang books to accompany DexsHeroes posters and cards.

This is the Scratchy Gang 

They may look daft but each has a superpower. 

They go on wonderful adventures 

You can help them You can find out what their superpowers are

Which one do you think looks the bravest?

Scratchy Brave

When your hair says “see you later” this is the ultimate badge of honour, a badge showing the whole world you are one of the bravest around.

You have the baility to switch on bravery when going to fight the bad guys in hospital, to stand strong and help others to be brave.

Scratchy Freezer

Im Freezer, I can freeze time and you. When you neeed to be very still, perhaos to have aport fitted or a drip insetred, or temperature taken I ccan help you freeze.

In the stories I can freeze time but let just one thing not be frozen. This cvan be very useful in exciting situations.

Scratchy Robot

I am the one who talks to all the machines in the hospital. I can talk to them and make sure they are working hard for you.

In the stories I can talk to any machine whether a cigarette lighter or a jet plane and get them to do what needs to be done in the story.

Scratchy Explorer

Adventurer, a brave knight going into the unknown. Exploring new things, asking new questions, being excited by a new adventure.

Scratchy Funny

There are going to be lots of boring times. This when it is important to have fun and make people around you laugh and be happy.

Telling jokes and making funny faces can be very funny.

Scratchy Mender

Able to go inside things and mend them whether that is a liver, a blood cell or a television set.

Mender is a reminder that your body is very good at mending itself and taking in medecine to help the mending process.

Mender in different physical positions